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JROTC Team Tryout Dates

Fall Teams

  • Drill Platoon - NA
  • Squad Drill - NA
  • Color Guard - NA
  • Guidon       - NA

Spring Teams

  • Exhibition Drill Team - TBD
  • Flag Drill Team - TBD
  • Drum Corps - TBD
  • Raiders - TBD



The JROTC Department

JROTC Mustang Battalion



Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Special Teams!

All this hard work, for this one chance to shine.

"Its more than a team. It's Family!" -Calvin Pham


"We're still a family. No matter what I'm going to love you all" -Austin 

Drum Corps 3rd Place commanded by c/CPT Austin Mostasisa


Janna Aniciete, Manuel Diaz, Elaine Hang, Andrea Kwong

Anna Chan, Valerie Li, Benjamin Lei, Leanna Yip 

Vince Villenueva, Joyce Wu, Steven Hum, Darcy Woo

Rachel Mattingly, Samantha Hua


"No one knows what it is like unless you're apart of this" - Wilson

Flag Drill Team 2nd Place commanded by c/LTC Wilson Cao


Jonathan Khuon, Benjamin Lei, Anthony Sung, Michael Cen

Joshua Chang, Randy Nguyen, Ferris Wong, Alvin Lei


'One chance to prove what we're all about" -Connie

Exhibition Drill Team 2nd Place commanded by c/2LT Connie Thang


Jackson Tran, Michelle Choi, Anna Yan, Shera Lam, Ashley Liao

Kaitlin Tan, Kristen Malvar, Anna Wong, Mei Zhong, Carrie Thang

Erica Tam, Elizabeth Gogolitsyna


"Winning doesn't always mean first" - Daryl Sabater

Orienteering 2nd Place commanded by c/CPT Daryl Sabater


Michael Cen

Kaitlin Tan


Spring Comp Overall 1st Place commanded by c/LTC Wilson Cao

"Its been a whole day and I still don't have enough to say to you guys" - The honorable Wilson Cao


Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps

The Goal of JROTC
"To motivate young people to become better citizens."

In order to accomplish this goal, JROTC combines both classroom instruction and extracurricular activities to promote an awareness of the rights, the responsibilities, and the privileges of citizenship. JROTC curriculum develops a student's sense of personal responsibility, life building skills, and opportunities of leadership. JROTC's extra curricular activities continue to enrich student's lives as they build life long connections and further their abilities.

JROTC Does Not Recruit For The Military
We believe that the choice to join the military is entirely up to the student and his or her guardians.

Here at JROTC, our focus is to prepare students for graduation and for plans that further their life goals beyond highschool. We develop young people and orient them positively in preparation for whatever role in life they may choose. It is in this sense that Junior ROTC is part of the Army’s service to the nation partially because the program is run by retired military personnel, but Junior ROTC does not recruit students for military service.

The Curriculum
The JROTC curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Physical Fitness
  • First Aid and Drug Abuse Prevention
  • History and Citizenship
  • Technological Awareness
  • Nutrition Choices
  • Financial Services
  • And MORE!

JROTC awards academic grades, but its true measure of success are the young people it motivates to stay in school and stay on track to graduate. This program aids to self esteem development and strives to help students avoid negative influences. Ribbons and Merits of excellence are also rewarded to students who achieve above and beyond expectations.

More Information:

  • Established by Congress in 1916, Army Junior ROTC has demonstrated over the decades possitive results as it has lasted for almost a century. Principals, parents, and former cadets consistently endorse the positive impact that JROTC has on the school, the community and the cadets themselves.
  • JROTC was the first extra curricular activity to be established since the school was built back in the 1940's.
  • JROTC cadets generally graduate at a higher rank than a majority of the school.
  • JROTC endorses many teams such as Color Guard, Flag Drill team, Drum Corps, Exhibition Drill Team, Drill Platoon, Squad Drill and Raiders. Without JROTC, these programs would have never existed. If JROTC is taken away, Lincoln will lose a precious part of its legacy.


JROTC Events

Senior Army Instructor (SAI):

Ishikata, George