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17-18 Current Year

Health Idol Redemption: Round 2

Round 2 begins with our first ever Redemption Showdown between senior Ariel Wong and freshman Celina Mac.  They are starting this round at the bottom and must compete against each other in one challenge to determine which one stays and who goes.  Mac chose the balance challenge, and unfortunately for her, Wong was one of the few contestant to pass the minute mark on the Stork Balance Test.  So Ariel Wong continues to compete in round 2 and Mac is eliminated.


The Stork Balance Test entails standing on one foot with both hands on your hips and your foot against your leg.  Time begins when you lift your heel and you must not hop or break contact on any of the three points (hands and foot, though we do extend some leniency here).  The average score this year was 32 seconds.  A small handful of contestants broke the minute mark: Ariel Wong (1 min. 7 sec.), junior Ben Mignola (1 min. 20 sec.), and junior Mark Huynh (1 min. 33 sec.).  Some others came really close!  Junior Sam Whitfield and sophomore Selena Flamenco were both under 4 seconds away.


We also had our first ever make a meme challenge and they were reviewed by 3 members of the Youth Outreach team.  One thing I learned from going over the memes is that it is much stronger if you let the photo deliver the punchline and not write as much.  There were 7 different photos and two contestants got unanimous top votes, and they were juniors Sam Whitfield and Mark Huynh.  Second highest vote-getters include senior Sim Akuluze, sophomore Chloe Wong, and freshman Owen Commins.  The top memes in each photo will be available to be seen in the Wellness Center for those interested.


Junior Mark Huynh scored major points this round after excelling in both challenges which makes him the new front runner with a major lead.  Freshman Cameron Louie and senior Jackson Walker are right on his tail!  The other big gainers this round are juniors Sam Whitfield & Ben Mignola, as well as senior Ariel Wong which will keep her safe this round with the highest jump in rank!  Senior Sim Akuluze moved into the 4th place spot followed by Whitfield & Mignola respectively.  Freshman Owen Commins slips to 7th and senior Carlos Leiva slips into 9th, while reigning Health Idol Madison Junker holds at 8th place.  Rising into 10th place is sophomore Chloe Wong!


Last round the women were hit hard, but this time it is the guys that fell short.  Determination often times surpasses skill as some contestants push to their limits while others are content giving it a go.  This round, we are losing sophomore Martin Baun and junior Annison Van from the competition.  Senior JJ Khin comes close to elimination, but gets a second chance in the next Redemption Showdown against junior Destiny Brown.  Brown will get to decide the challenge between pulse pressure (this is a change from the original schedule of challenges) and the memory test.  Health Idol will resume next week to make room for Brotherhood Sisterhood auditions.

Health Idol Redemption: Round 1

Welcome to Redemption, season 15 of Health Idol.  Three contestants were dropped at the start and replaced at the last minute by counselor and alumni Preston Yee, senior Sim Akuluze, and junior Mark Huynh.  They are entering round 1 without any preparation for the challenges.  Round 1 is the most dangerous round as it can take one little mistake to take people out.  We’ve seen past finalists go out in round 1 so anything can happen.


This is the first year we are trying a new dexterity challenge where contestants had to bounce a ball against a wall 2 yards away, alternating the hands from which they throw and catch.  Although there is no biological predisposition to dexterity, this challenge seemed to favor the males who may have grown up playing catch.  PE coach Chad Chiparo dominated the challenges and made 40 exchanges in 30 seconds.  Three students also broke 30- freshman Jed Peek at 35, junior Mark Huynh at 34, and senior Jackson Walker at 30.


This year marks the return of the Scattergories challenge.  Contestants were separated into 5 groups where they had to write a list matching a category and starting letter.  The 5 contestants that topped their groups were seniors Sim Akuluze, Carlos Leiva, and Jackson Walker, plus freshmen Cameron Louie and Owen Commins.  Cameron received the highest relative score for this challenge, followed by Owen and Carlos respectively.  The hardest proved to be countries that start with S.  Sweden proved to be the most common answer and Saudi Arabia was the most original answer.  No contestant managed to list more than 2 in a minute.  The next hardest was fruits and vegetables that start with M.  Melon was the most common response and the most original responses were mocha bean and mandarin orange.  No contestant manage to list more than 3 in a minute.


So which 3 contestants rose to the top overall after round 1?  Freshman Cameron Louie took the top spot in this first round with senior Jackson Walker and coach Chad Chiparo right at his heels.  All the rankings will be posted in front of the main office and on the Lincoln website.  The top 10 is starting with a good lead over the other contestants and these people include: junior Mark Huynh, senior Kaung Hein, freshman Owen Commins, senior Carlos Leiva, defending champion Madison Junker, freshman Jed Peek, and senior Sim Akuluze.


It seems the sophomores are going to have to step up their game if they are going to survive this competition.  Usually the bottom three are eliminated from the competition and through unfortunate circumstances, the bottom three include teacher Gianne Souza, senior Ariel Wong, and freshman Koey Fung.  This year there will be redemption and one person will get a second chance and put someone else in danger.  The two who have been eliminated are Fung and Souza. 


This means Ariel Wong will be competing in the first redemption showdown against freshman Celina Mac.  Mac will chose between next week’s meme or balance challenges and whichever one of them is ranked higher will stay in the competition and the other will be eliminated.  Good luck to all the remaining contestants!

Top Ten

1. Mark Huynh (junior)

2. Cameron Louie (freshman)

3. Jackson Walker (senior)

3. Chad Chiparo (faculty)

4. Sim Akuluze (senior)

5. Sam Whitfield (junior)

6. Ben Mignola (junior)


7. Owen Commins (freshman)

8. Madison Junker (faculty)

9. Carlos Leiva (senior)

10. Chloe Wong (sophomore)

Remaining Contestants

11. Kaung Hein (senior) & Luis Contreras (sophomore)

13. Ariel Wong (senior)

14. Chad Chiparo (faculty)

15. Laniya Bishop (freshman)

16. Jed Peek (freshman)

17. Crimson Hartford (sophomore)

18. Kaya Lehr-Love (senior)

19. Diego Solano (sophomore)

20. Ainsly Perez (junior)

21. Lilly Jue (junior)

22. Selena Flamenco (sophomore)

23. Preston Yee (faculty)

Redemption Showdown

24. Destiny Brown (junior)


25. JJ Khin (senior)


26. Annison Van

27. Martin Baun

28. Celina Mac

29. Gianne Souza

30. Koey Fung