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Bilingual Dept. 双语系

Mandarin Immersion Program 中文双语沉浸课程

2016-2017 school year, Abraham Lincoln High School continues to offer its Mandarin Immersion (Secondary Dual Language Development) Program. 本学年林肯高中继续提供普通话沉浸课程

The Lincoln Chinese Immersion Program offers engaging immersive classes for students serious about studying the Chinese language. The current classes in the program are Chinese (various levels) and Biology. Lessons are taught in Cantonese and Mandarin so students can learn in a fully immersive environment.  林肯高中的中文沉浸课程提供沉浸式的课程给希望认真学习汉语的学生。目前课程提供的课是不同水平的汉语课(以普通话和简体字授课)以及用汉语授课的生物课。学生们可以在普通话的沉浸式环境中学习。

Objective of the program: 课程目标

To provide an accelerated language learning pathway to allow immersion students from middle schools’ immersion program to continue develop their Chinese language proficiency while expanding their exposure to the Chinese culture and application of Chinese language in the world of work. For Cantonese immersion students, the program will provide a transition from Cantonese to Mandarin and simplified characters so that they are prepared for AP Chinese and Culture Exam.

Program pathway: 课程一览

Grade Required language course Required content course Optional content courses Other
9th Appropriate level of Chinese course Biology 1/2    
10th AP Chinese None CCSF Mandarin Program  
11th AP Chinese None CCSF Mandarin Program  

The ESL/Bilingual Department 林肯高中双语系

  Mission and Vision Statement 本系目标

 The ESL/Bilingual department of Abraham Lincoln High School provides a comprehensive program to prepare students to become bilingual and biliterate participants of a global village, and to achieve academic excellence.

To anchor our vision, the faculty and staff of the ESL/Bilingual program will collaborate with students and parents using the Abraham Lincoln High School Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) as our framework. This will enable students to direct their own futures to become fluent English and a second language speakers and to achieve academic excellence in all subject areas.

Please check out our website for more information.

English Language Development Core Curriculum Scope and Sequence

1. ELD Program Overview

2. ELD curriculum scope and sequence

      (1) Newcomers

      (2) Early intermediate ELs

      (3) Intermediate ELs

      (4) Early advanced ELs .

      (5) Advanced, transitional or long term ELs

3. Textbook overview

How to Contact Faculty & Staff 如何联络学校教职员工


To the left of Faculty/Staff names click on the icon_email_blue.gif icon to send a message to that person through Loop Mail. 在学校教职员工名字的左边,点击信封小图标就能通过家校通给该员工送出一份电子邮件。

2012-2013 ESL/Bilingual Department Meeting Minutes

Please Click HERE   .

ESL Dept. Directory 双语系教职员

Cameli, Paul Massi
Chu, Albert
Davidson, Jessie
Doyle, Marlena
Fang, Fan
Teacher/Department Head
Irving, George
Jou, Albert Jk
Leung, Christina
Retzinger, Hollie
Tesorero, Beatrice
Van Engers, Max
Yim-Chen, Valerie