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Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat Team Photos

What is Dragon Boat?

   Dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft sport that originated in Southern China and has been celebrated for over 2,000 years. One crew consists of 20 paddlers, one drummer and one steersperson. Today, it is the fastest growing international watercraft sport in the entire world. Every year, race festivals are held in numerous locations including Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, the United States, and more. It remains one of the few competitive activities in the world that allows and encourages both males and females on the same playing field. In Abraham Lincoln High School, the activity is not considered an official sport, but instead as a club sport run by volunteer coaches and sustains as an independent organization within the school.


龍舟是一種人力動力的水上運動,起源於中國南方,已經慶祝了2000多年。 一個船員包括20個槳手,一個鼓手和一個操縱者。 今天,它是在世界上增長最快的國際水運工具。 每年,在包括亞洲,歐洲,加拿大,澳大利亞,美國等多個地點舉辦種族節。 它仍然是在世界上允許和鼓勵男性和女性在同一個運動場上的少數競爭活動之一。 在亞伯拉罕林肯高中,這項活動不被視為官方運動,而是作為一個俱樂部運動由志願者教練和維持作為一個獨立的組織在學校內運行。



   Lincoln Dragon Boat Team is a family on and off the water, consisting of dedicated paddlers who are learning respect, responsibility, and sportsmanship. We do not paddle and work hard to win, but we do it to spread the love of the sport, community, fitness, and friendship. And we truly believe this team is more than just about racing- it is also about uniting a diverse group of young adults to accomplish a common goal together and fostering sincerity and passion in what we do. We believe in creating a community that will allow everyone to grow to their fullest potential and to develop integrity that goes beyond paddling.


林肯龍舟隊是一個水上和水下的團隊運動,包括專業的槳手誰正在學習尊重,責任和運動精神。 我們用它來傳播對運動,社區,健身和友誼的愛,而不是為勝利來參加這個運動。 我們真的相信這個團隊不僅僅是比賽 - 它也是關於團結一個多源化的年輕成年人一起實現一個共同的目標,培養真誠和激情在我們做好這個運動。 我們相信創造一個社區,讓每個人都能充分發揮潛能,發展超越划槳的完整性。


About Our Team:

  Established in 1996, our dragon boat team has continued to be a respected presence within the student body of Abraham Lincoln High School, as well as the dragon boat community of the Bay Area. Our team consists of 100 members (four crews) making us, not only the largest organization in the school, but also one of the largest dragon boat teams in the entire Bay Area, and possibly California. The dragon boat team is the ONLY physical school activity that is co-ed (offered to both boys and girls on the same team). Our team has won numerous championships in the past and currently holds the championship title in the 2016 Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival high school division.

   Every year, our team competes internationally to expand our exposure and immerse ourselves in different cultures around the world through dragon boat. We have had the opportunity and privilege to represent our school and city in many different locations including the East Bay, Southern California, Canada, and for the first time this year, China.





Summer '16 Team Video:


Dragon Boat 2016

Recruitment & How to Join

Interested in joining? If you are a student, we hold recruitment sessions three times a year in January, May, and September. If you are in 8th grade and plan to join in high school, we will have a table at the incoming freshmen orientation (next one: MAY 3, 2017). We are open to anyone who is interested. Anyone is free to join and feel free to bring your friends.


如果你是學生有興趣加入,我們在1月,5月和9月每年舉行三次招聘會。 如果你是8年級的學生,併計劃加入高中,我們將在新生入學表(下一次:201753日招聘)。 我們對任何有興趣的人開放。 任何人都可以自由加入。





Ms. Thieu (Room 125)

Mr. Balzer (Room 125)

Fanny Chen (


Recruitment Video:

Practice Schedule

Our team practices three times a week on the water at Lake Merced and, for the more advanced paddlers, twice a week of land training. Our water training days are on Mondays and Wednesdays after school, and Saturdays. Land training days are usually on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays afterschool. For more information, please contact us.


我們的團隊每週練習三次在默塞德湖,每週兩次陸地訓練。 我們的水訓練日在星期一和星期三下課後和星期六。 陸地訓練日通常在星期二和/或星期四放學後。有關更多信息,請與我們聯繫。

2015 ALHS Dragon Boat Summer AD

This text will be replaced

Annual Dragon Boat Race at Lake Merced, April 18

Dragon Boat September 21, 2014

Upcoming Events

CDBA Youth Race: April 22, 2017

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival: June 2-4, 2017

Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival: July 29-30, 2017

Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival: September 24, 2017


Club Officers

Captains: Kenny Nguyen and Patrick To

Co-Captains: Lucas Chen, Emma Wong, and Brendan Teo

Secretary: Alexys Gong

Treasurer: Catherine Tran

Activities Coordinators: Vanessa Huang and Wanda Lei

Public Relations: Natesa Vuong



Coaches: Fanny Chen, Wesley Chen, Matt Chen, Kenny Khuong, and Joseph Gapuz

Assistant Coaches: Chris Chou, Jeffery Ng, and Ken Huang

Team Manager: Brian Yee

Sponsor: Ms. Thieu (Room 125)