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Faculty/Depts. Locker

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Faculty & Staff Directory

The faculty and staff at Abraham Lincoln are one of the most renowned and dedicated teacher bodies in San Francisco, creating an environment where not only students of all backgrounds, modes of learning, and walks of life are able to succeed, but excel — and not just in the academic area, but in all aspects of their lives.

Faculty List (Alphabetical)

Akram, Susan Assistant Principal
Alter, Jack Teacher
Arietta, Jenny Teacher
Arnold, Tristan (415) 236-2547 Teacher
Baldwin, Suzann Ma (415) 759-2700 ex.225 Spanish Teacher
Balzer, Joel Teacher
Barris-Jones, Denyse (415) 759-2700 ex.3120/3124 Teacher
Birmingham, Anne Staff
Brooks, Judith Teacher
Brown, Gregory Staff
Brumbach, Ashley Counselor
Cachianes, George (415) 759-2700 Teacher
Calac, Gregory Teacher
Cameli, Paul Massi Teacher
Candelario, Maria Teacher
Cary, Christopher Teacher
Chan, Gilbert Teacher/Librarian
Chiparo, Chad Teacher
Chu, Albert Teacher
Clark, Janet (415) 759-2700 ex.x188 Physical Education Teacher
Crotwell, Bobby L. Teacher
Davidson, Jessie (415) 759-2700 ex.3301 Teacher
Dick, Stuart (415) 242-2574 ex.x3184 Wellness Nurse
Dinh, Matthew Teacher
Doherty, Kevin Teacher
Doyle, Jack Teacher
Doyle, Marlena (415) 759-2713 ex.3150 Counselor
Drager, Luranne (415) 759-2700 ex.3210 English Teacher
Edmonston, Kristen Staff
Eng, Christine Teacher
Enriquez, Ian (415) 242-2574 Youth Outreach Coordinator
Enriquez, Ian Teacher
Falls, Sara Teacher
Fang, Fan Teacher/Department Head
Feroz, Rie Teacher
Ferrigno, Philip Teacher
Fong, Julia C. (415) 759-2700 ex.323 Teacher
Furey, Brendan Teacher
Garzelloni, James D. Teacher
Geiser, Christian Teacher
Gerek, Rebecca Ida Teacher
Gin, Richard Teacher
Gini, Mario Teacher
Gomez, Mary Teacher
Goncalves, Jorge A.o.I.T. Teacher/Tech Integrator/Webmaster
Gratch, Shamira Teacher
Grayson, Kevin Teacher
Hall, Rhonda Teacher
Harris, Donald Teacher
Hart, Christiana M. Teacher
Hartung, Kimberly Teacher
Hiroi, Arisa Teacher
Hom, Betty (415) 759-2700 ex.3151 Counselor
Hostetler, Thomas Teacher
Irving, George Teacher
Jackson, Leonor (415) 759-2713 ex.3044 Family & Student Advocate
Jones, Kenneth Teacher
Jou, Albert Jk Teacher
Kabamba, Mbombo Teacher
Kamkar, Rosemary Teacher
Karas, Angelus Teacher
Kaufmann, Nancy Teacher
Keen, Kevin Teacher
Kelley, Susan Teacher
Kenney, Susan Teacher
Kenny-Baum, Jennifer (415) 242-2574 Wellness Coordinator
Kim, Daniel Teacher
Kim, Jeffrey Teacher
Knecht, Jo Ann Teacher
Kovnat, Lindsay Teacher
Landa, Asya Teacher
Lee, Debra A. (415) 759-2715 Head Counselor/Dean
Lee, Emma Teacher
Lee, Roger Michael Teacher
Leung, Christina ex.415-759-2700 x3321 Teacher
Longshore, Anita Teacher
Lui, Teresa Y. Teacher
Manalang, Sharimar Assistant Principal
Manalang, Sharimar Balisi (415) 759-2713 Assistant Principal
Manuel, Carol Teacher
Mariotti, Rosanna Teacher
Martinez, Maria (415) 759-2700 ex.3399 College & Career Counselor
Mayer, Ali (415) 759-2700 ex.3408 Health, Career Ed, PE & Swim Instructor
McGee, Sara Teacher
McPherson, David Staff
Melander, Karen (415) 759-2700 ex.3024 Teacher
Morris, Caitlin Teacher
Mosheim, Mark Teacher
Ong, Marilyn Teacher
Payne, Barnaby Principal
Prager, Larry Teacher
Price-Montgomery, Rosie Teacher
Raupers, Elizabeth Teacher
Ray, Erika Teacher
Raygosa, Ramiro Robert Teacher
Reis, Julie Teacher
Retzinger, Hollie Teacher
Robertson, Gordon (415) 759-2700 ex.3107 Teacher
Robinson, Steven J. Teacher
Rodriguez, Gabriela Counselor
Rodriguez, Gabriela (415) 759-2713 ex.3152 Counselor
Rovo, Adalberto Teacher
Ruffolo, Marc Teacher
Russell, Reid Teacher
Ryan-Dalpino, Elizabeth (415) 759-2700 ex.3119 Teacher
Sano, Koichi Teacher
Scanlan, Ellen (415) 759-2700 ex.3124 Teacher
Scott, Kenyatta (415) 759-2700 Mathematics/ Boy's and Girl's Soccer
Sherman, Samantha Attendance Clerk
Shirvani, Anne Teacher
Sizelove, Gordon Teacher
Sourmany, Anthony (415) 759-2700 ex.3058 Teacher
Stingle, Daniel Teacher
Sullivan, Edmond Teacher
Sultan, Leon Teacher
Sylvester, Richard Teacher
Tagomori, Lance Assistant Principal
Tagomori, Lance Teacher
Tian, Gong Teacher
Tircuit-Peitso, Kaija Teacher
Van Engers, Max Teacher
Walenta, Elaine Teacher
Wallace, Morgan (415) 759-2700 ex.3160 Peer Resource Teacher
Wang, Qing Teacher
Washington, Melvin Staff
Westlund, Lisa (415) 759-2713 ex.3153 Counselor
Woodward, Kevin Teacher
Wright, Dina (415) 759-2700 ex.3021 Teacher
Yim-Chen, Valerie Staff
Yu, Nian Teacher
Zales, Oriol Associate
Ziegler, Valerie Teacher

How to Contact Faculty & Staff

To the left of Faculty/Staff names click on the icon_email_blue.gif icon to send a message to that person through Loop Mail.


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Akram, Susan
Assistant Principal
Manalang, Sharimar Balisi
Assistant Principal
Payne, Barnaby
Tagomori, Lance
Assistant Principal


Balzer, Joel
Lee, Debra A.
Head Counselor/Dean

Counseling Dept.

Brumbach, Ashley
Doyle, Marlena
Hom, Betty
Jackson, Leonor
Family & Student Advocate
Martinez, Maria
College & Career Counselor
Rodriguez, Gabriela
Weger, Micah
Westlund, Lisa
Yim-Chen, Valerie