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College Entrance Exams (SAT/ACT)

All late registration will include a late fee. All dates are now closed for Seniors,Class of 2018.


SAT Test Dates:

Mar 10      Deadline to register is Feb 9 / Late Deadline Feb. 10-28

May 5       Deadline to register is Apr. 6 / Late Deadline Apr. 7-25

Jun 2        Deadline to register is May 3 / Late Deadline May 4-23


ACT Test Dates:

Feb 10       Deadline to register is Jan 12 / Late Deadline Jan 13-19

Apr 14       Deadline to register is Mar 9 / Late Deadline Mar 10-23

Jun 9         Deadline to register is May 4 / Late Deadline May 5-18

Jul 14        Deadline to register is Jun 15 / Late Deadline Jun 16-22


NOTE:  Fee Waivers only available to students that qualify to receive FREE OR Reduced Lunch.  Obtain fee waivers from Erika Thieu (, College and Career Counselor Room 149.  A qualifying student receives: 2 SAT, 2 Subject Test, 2 ACT in total starting 11th grade thru 12th grade.   WARNING:  Fee Waivers only valid up to Regular Deadline, not Late Registration Dates.

SAT/ACT Preparation Support

SAT/ACT Preparation Support

FREE Options

PAID Options

San Francisco Public Library

FREE College Prep Classes

Register at:

SAT Math Bootcamp


FREE On-line SAT Practice

KAPLAN Test Prep


Zinch Prep

6 months FREE Access to PSAT, SAT and ACT Prep

For more information visit: Prep


SAT/ACT Test Prep



Excel Test Prep

SAT/PSAT Prep Course



Socratics Mentoring





SAT & ACT Prep


American College Test (ACT) College Entrance Exam

Web Page for Students to Register:

Important information to know when registering for this test:

  • Student must create an account prior to registering for the test.  (It is important that students remember their username  password for this account so they are able to register again, check for scores, or send their test scores to colleges in the future)
  • It is suggested that students create a professional college e-mail account to use for all their college or entrance exam on-line accounts. This will avoid students feeling overwhelmed when checking e-mail and it is important to make the proper impression even via cyber connection.
  • When students are registering for their test they will be asked to indicate four college codes to send their scores at no additional cost for it is included in the test registration cost.  If a student decides not to indicate these codes they will have only a small window of time after receiving their scores to take advantage of this option.  Once this time frame is gone then the student will have to pay $12 per campus to submit their scores.

Cost of Test:    ACT (No Writing) $ 39.50  or ACT (With Writing)  $ 56.50

**Fee Waivers are available for students that are receiving free or reduced lunch.  To obtain a fee waiver see Mrs. Adrienne Smith, Assistant Principal of Counseling in Room 149.

Late Fee:  $ 25.00 (this is an added cost to the ones indicated above)

Standby Testing Fee: $49 (this is an added cost to the ones indicated above)

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) College Entrance Exam

Register at :


Cost for this Test

  **Fee Waivers are available for students that are receiving free or reduced lunch.  To obtain a fee waiver please see Mrs. Adrienne Smith, Assistant Principal of Counseling in Room 149


SAT Subject Tests:
Basic registration fee (per registration)
Language with Listening Tests
All other SAT Subject Tests
add $26
add $18
Additional Processing Fees
(add to total test fees)
Register by phone
(available only if you have registered before)
Change test, test date or test center fee
Late fee (U.S. and U.S. territories)
Waitlist Request
Score report requests at registration. (Students can select the four score report requests included in the registration up until 11:59 p.m. on the Monday nine days after the published test date. Score reports selected after that are subject to the regular score report fee.)
Four included at no charge
Additional score report requests
Score report fee (per report) — refundable if absent on test day
Request to rush (per order) — refundable if absent on test day
Scores by phone (per call)
add $31