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Barnaby Payne Locker

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Barnaby Payne

Link To Student Feedback for the 2015-2016 Budget Process


Dear Abraham Lincoln Community, Family and Friends,



I am honored to introduce myself to the community as the principal of Abraham Lincoln High School.  As a San Francisco native and a graduate of the San Francisco Unified School District from kindergarten through high school, I feel that I respect the rich history and traditions that make Lincoln so distinctive among schools. I have been a teacher and administrator in the district for 15 years, and I am starting my fifth year at Lincoln.


I strongly believe that Abraham Lincoln High School is one of the finest public, urban, comprehensive high schools in the state of California.  I also believe that we must continue to have the highest expectations for all of our students and deliver the high quality of instruction that allows students to achieve academic and personal success.


I agree with San Francisco Unified School District Superintendant Carlos Garcia that the achievement gap between our various student groups is one of the greatest civil rights challenges facing our country.  Lincoln High School is well equipped to meet these challenges through the expertise of our instructors, the strength of our programs, and the commitment of our community; students, staff, parents, alumni and our surrounding neighborhood, to building a truly outstanding institution that meets the needs of all our young people.


I look forward to working with the students and the entire Abraham Lincoln High School community.




Barnaby O. Payne, Principal

Abraham Lincoln High School



Abraham Lincoln High School: Principal’s Expectations 2010-2011

The administrative team at Abraham Lincoln High School strongly believes that teachers play the most critical role in the success of our students.  In order to provide an optimal educational environment where every child has the opportunity to achieve at the highest ability, all certificated employees are expected to model the following actions:


  •   Communicate regularly to all parents, students and educational partners, in a respectful manner.
  •   Work with families and other members of the educational community to foster collaboration and ensure student success.
  •   Maintain consistent, on-going two-way communication with the parents of the students in concert with the grade-level counselors and the Deans.  Teachers will integrate School Loop as a tool for ongoing communication with parents/guardians.  Teachers and counselors will return calls or emails from parents/guardians in a timely manner (within 48 hours).
  •   Use district email for all school-related communication and check within every 48 hours.
  •   Be an active participant in developing the school’s Balanced Score Card.
  •   Attend all scheduled faculty meetings.
  •   Attend all scheduled meetings with your Content Area “Department” and comply with any and all instructional plans and assessment protocols as defined by your department.
  •   Reflect on teaching practices, establish professional goals, pursue professional growth opportunities and maintain your own Professional Growth Plan as aligned to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Lau Plan for ELL students.
  •   Maintain a punctual and satisfactory personal record of attendance, which includes contacting the substitute office in a timely manner to secure a substitute for all absences and providing the substitute with enough material to successfully conduct your classes during your absence(s).  As a professional courtesy, whenever possible, please provide advance warning to the Main Office as well, to ensure that a substitute has been assigned to your classroom and continuity is maintained.
  •   All teachers are required to have at least three days of Emergency Sub Plans on file in the Main Office with the Principal’s secretary (Anne Birmingham) by Friday, September 3, 2010.
  •   Follow school protocol to obtain class coverage and administrative approval for any off-campus appointments. This includes completing the request form and obtaining administrative approval prior to leaving campus.  In the instance of the need to leave campus during the school day not during class time, sign out using the book in the main office.
  •   Respond promptly (within 48 hours) to requests for conferences with the administration when requested.  Respond to all documentation timelines as directed.
  •   Maintain student documentation (i.e. attendance, grading, lesson planning, etc.) on an on-going basis throughout the year and ensure that all required documentation is timely and accurate.
  •   Use a variety of instructional strategies to respond to students’ diverse needs. This includes supporting a positive approach to behavior management, providing timely student feedback, and implementing a variety of engagement strategies to support student achievement.
  •   ALL employees will comply with district-mandated protocols and adhere to and model the expectations included in SFUSD Board Policies and State Education Code Policies.
  •   Enforce school-wide policies and expectations regarding hats, cell phones and electronic devices.
  •   Maintain an orderly homeroom environment at all times, including during standardized testing and use homeroom to communicate and distribute school information via the bulletin.
  •   As directed by Supt. Carlos Garcia, all teachers will model professional behavior at all times.


Consequences for a failure to meet the Principal’s Expectations are outlined in Section 30 of the Contract between the SFUSD and UESF “Disciplinary Action.”


Thank you for your continued professionalism!