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Fan Fang Locker

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Portfolio assessment requirements 作业档案要求

Please click the following link.



生物的分类 classification of living organisms


地球历史单元测验 study guide

1. Vocabulary:

Hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen sulfide


Endosymbiotic theory


Mass extinction

Adaptive radiation

Convergent evolution

Index Fossil

Relative dating

Radioactive dating



Palaeozoic era



2. How did life first appear on earth?


3. Understand Urey and Miller's experiment


4. Explain why endosymbiotic theory is widely accepted


5. Did our ancestors fight the dinosaurs? Why?


6. Know how to determine fossil's age by using two different methods

地球的早期阶段与进化 Earth's early stages and evolution


Population Study Guide 种群复习资料

Please click the following link.





Complex genetics and human genetics: 复杂遗传和人类遗传

Please click the following link to get the powerpoint presentation.



Introduction to Genetics

Please click the following link.



Genetic engineering 基因工程

Please click the following link. 



Gene Regulation 基因调控

Please click here.



Spelling quiz study guide

1. gene: 基因

2. gene expression: 基因表达

3. central dogma: 中心法则

4. gene regulation: 基因调控

5. lac operon: 乳糖操纵组

6. lactose: 乳糖

7. promoter: 启动子

8. digest: 消化

9. operator: 操纵子

10. repressor protein: 抑制蛋白


Protein synthesis study guide

Please click here.



RNA and protein synthesis 核糖核酸和蛋白质合成

Please click here.



DNA discovery and structure

Please click here. 





Meiosis 减数分裂

Please click the link.



Cellular reproduction


Cell Membrane Preview 细胞膜预习

Please download the PPT file here and download the cell membrane practice packet here.


Do: part I and part II of the practice packet using a binder paper.




Fall Semester Final Exam Study Guide

1.  Study guide: Please click here.


2. Review questions: Please click here.

Google Classroom

Chinese immersion students: please join classroom using the code in your e-mail.


Here is the classroom:

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Incoming MIP student summer assignment

Dear parents/guardians/MIP students,

It has been brought to my attention that some of you have concerns/questions about our summer assignment. This e-mail is to clarify these concerns/questions.

Since ...more

暑期阅读作业:AP中文班的学生 Summer Reading assignments for AP Chinese class students

AP 中文班的学生暑期阅读作业:下面的小说选读两篇:

1. 苏童:《我的帝王生涯》

2. 莫言:《红高粱家族》之:《红高粱》

3. 鲁迅:《呐喊》之:《社戏》

4. 金庸:《天龙八部》

5. 王安忆:《寻找苏青》


To incoming 9th grade Chinese immersion students: School Year 2016-2017

Incoming 9th grade Chinese immersion students:

Your content class will be Biology.

Here is what you will be learning in the new school year. If you would like to pre-study the content, you may refer to this agenda and basic vocabulary: (Please be advised that this vocabulary list only represents less than 1% of the Chinese terms that we will be studying during the school year.)

1.   Biochemistry 生物化学

(1) Acid: 酸   (2) Base:碱   (3) Protein: 蛋白质   (4) Carbohydrates: 碳水化合物   (5) Lipids: 类脂     (6) Nucleic acids: 核酸

(7) Amino acids: 氨基酸  (8) Nucleotide: 核苷酸     (9)  Elements: 元素    (10) Compounds: 化合物 

2.   Cell theory 细胞理论

(1) Prokaryotic cells: 原核细胞    (2) Eukaryotic cells: 真核细胞     (3)Nucleus: 细胞核       (4) Organelles: 细胞器

(5)Cell wall: 细胞壁      (6) Mitochondria: 线粒体      (7): Enzyme: 酶

3.   Cellular transport 细胞运输

(1) Diffusion: 扩散     (2) Osmosis: 渗透      (3) solution: 溶液    (4)  solute: 溶质      (5) solvent: 溶剂     (6) phagocytosis: 吞噬作用

(7) Exocytosis: 胞吐作用   (8) Pinocytosis: 胞饮作用

4.   Photosynthesis and cellular respiration 光合作用和呼吸作用

(1) Pigment: 色素    (2) Photon: 光子   (3) Chloroplasts: 叶绿体  (4) Chlorophyll: 叶绿素    (5) Light dependent reaction: 光反应

(6) Calvin cycle: 开尔文循环   (7) Proton pump: 质子泵   (8) Glycolysis: 糖酵解   (9) Fermentation: 发酵    (10) Lactic acid: 乳酸

(11) Krebs cycle: 克雷伯氏循环  (12) ATP synthase: ATP合成酶   (13) Electron Transport Chain: 电子传递链

5.   Cell reproduction 细胞繁殖

(1) Mitosis: 有丝分裂  (2) Meiosis: 减数分裂 (3) Crossing over: 联会  (4) Homologous chromosomes: 同源染色体  (5) Spindle fiber: 纺锤丝

(6) Interphase: 间期  (7) Prophase: 前期  (8) Metaphase: 中期  (9) Anaphase: 后期 (10) Telophase: 末期   (11) Cytokinesis: 胞质分裂

6.   Genetics 遗传学

(1)  Homozygous: 纯合体  (2) Heterozygous: 杂合体   (3) Dominant: 显性的   (4) Recessive: 隐性的   (5) Alleles: 等位基因

7.   DNA and molecular biology DNA与分子生物学

(1) Transcription: 转录   (2) Translation: 转译    (3) Central Dogma: 中心法则   (4) Codon: 密码子   (5) Anticodon: 反密码子   (6) Promoter: 启动子 

(7) Base-pairing rules: 碱基配对原则   (8) Nitrogenous bases: 碱基  (9) Plasmid: 质粒   (10) Gel Electrophoresis: 凝胶性电泳

8.   Evolution 进化

(1)  Natural selection: 自然选择  (2) Struggle for existence: 生存竞争   (3) Survival of the fittest: 适者生存  (4) Genetic drift: 基因漂变 

9.   Ecology 生态学

(1) Biotic and abiotic factors: 生物和非生物因素    (2) Trophic levels: 生态能量级   (3)  Niche: 小生境    (4) Symbiosis: 共生   (5) Material cycle: 物质循环 

(6) Succession: 演替

10.Taxonomy 分类学

(1) binomial nomenclature: 双名法    (2) Kingdom: 门    (3) Phylum: 纲   (4) Order:  目   (5) Family: 科   (6) Genus: 属   (7) Species: 种

(8) Virus: 病毒    (9) Benign: 良性的   (10) Malignant: 恶性的   (11) Lytic: 烈性的   (12) Lysogenic: 溶源性的

11. Human biology 人类生物学

(1) Tissue: 组织  (2) Organ: 器官   (3) Organ systems: 器官系统  (4) Ribosomes: 核糖体


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Biology class orientation: 生物课入学指导

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AP Chinese for native speakers course syllabus

Biology Course Syllabus 生物课课程要求

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大学与职业教育课程要求 Career and college education Course Syllabus


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