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Valerie Ziegler Locker

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Valerie Ziegler



Contact Information


Phone: 415-759-2700


American Democracy
Read Ch. 13; sections 1-2; HW worksheet Homework
AP US Politics & Government
Roots Social Welfare Policy Warm Up
AP US Politics & Government
Bureaucratic Outline Homework
AP US Politics & Government
Presidency & Bureaucracy Scantron Test Test
AP US Politics & Government
Silent Spring Warm Up
American Democracy
3 Branches Test Corrections Classwork
American Democracy
Roles of President warm up Warm Up
US History
1968 Classwork
US History
Workbook pages 231-233 Classwork
American Democracy
GC Working Day Classwork
American Democracy
Workbook page 40 Homework
AP US Politics & Government
Social Policy Making Warm Up
AP US Politics & Government
Policy Flash Cards Homework
American Democracy
Read Ch. 13; sections 3-4; HW worksheet Homework
American Democracy
Workbook page 41 Homework
US History
Workbook page 276-278 Homework

Ms. Ziegler's Bio

Ms. Ziegler earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Indiana University in 1997 and a Masters of Education Technology from the University of San Francisco in 2004. Prior to her teaching career, she held a variety of jobs including: Team Member and Driver of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, Team Manager as a technology consultant at Andersen Consulting in Chicago and Business Analyst at Commerce One in Pleasanton, CA. After completing her student teaching at Washington High School, Ms. Ziegler began her full time teaching career at Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS) in fall 2004. She has taught U.S. History, American Democracy, Economics and AP U.S. Politics & Government.

You can read more about Ms. Ziegler at:


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