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DMD Academy Course Sequence

(Find Out About What You Learn Each Year of DMD):

Sophomore Year- Media Arts-Intro

Junior Year- Media Arts 1

Senior Year- Media Arts 2

Non Discrimination Policy: San Francisco Unified School District. District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any pupil based on the pupil's actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.  This policy applies to all acts related to school activity or school attendance occurring within a school under the jurisdiction of the superintendent of the school district (Education Code 234.1).

Digital Media Design (DMD) Academy Overview

Join DMD today!

DMD Logo 2017.png

Field Trip to Disney Family Museum for Tour & Animation Workshop-October 2016

Field Trip to Disney Family Museum for Tour & Animation Workshop

About This Academy

The Digital Media Design (DMD) Academy at Lincoln High School is supported by SFUSD's Career Technical Education (CTE) Dept. and is a three year program designed to introduce high school students to the ever-expanding digital workplace and to the many and highly varied career opportunities in the visual arts & multi-media fields.


The Digital Media Design (DMD) Academy equips students with the personal, analytical, technical and communications skills they need to thrive in IT as well as the digital multi-media skills and experiences needed to function in today's world- whether in higher-education, professional careers or every-day life.


Students take Media Arts-Intro their sophomore year learning about Adobe Photoshop, as well as the principles of art. They spend their junior year in Media Arts-1 learning about quality graphic design principles and Adobe Illustrator in depth for print and multi-media creation. Between their Junior and Senior years, students work as interns at firms specializing in IT and Multi-Media/Advertising as well as at IT/Multi-Media departments in various corporations and industries.  Senior year students take Media Arts-2 learning digital video production and digital animation, as well as some basic web design.  Seniors in the DMD Program produce content for Lincoln's Mustang TV website.


Please visit the individual course webpages linked (in BLUE) in the left column for more info about each course.

DMD EA/Tech Field Trip

DMD Career Day Field Trip March 5, 2015

2014 San Francisco Adobe Youth Voices Live Event

DMD Guest Speakers From


DMD Field Trip to Pandora Headquarters

Guest Speaker: Xbox

Guest Speakers: Google

IMG_0890.JPG IMG_0891.JPG IMG_0892.JPG IMG_0893.JPG IMG_0894.JPG IMG_0895.JPG IMG_0896.JPG IMG_0897.JPG IMG_0898.JPG IMG_0899.JPG IMG_0900.JPG IMG_0901.JPG

DMD had two current Google employees (a Computer Programmer and a Network Systems Expert) come to speak about their job roles, experiences at working at Google, their educational and professional experience background getting them to where they are now, and their advice for students for getting into the technology sector.  Students then asked them many questions.

Guest Speakers: Mekanism

IMG_1152.JPG IMG_1153.JPG IMG_1154.JPG IMG_1155.JPG IMG_1156.JPG IMG_1157.JPG IMG_1158.JPG Mekhanism1.JPG Mekhanism2.JPG

DMD had two employees from the San Francisco-based multi-media/social media company, Mekanism (, speak about their job roles, experiences at working at Mekanism, their educational and professional experience background getting them to where they are now, and their advice for students for getting into the multi-media/social media/advertising sectors.

Adobe Project Pitch Field Trip

2012-04-27_09-37-25_846.jpg 2012-04-27_10-11-49_816.jpg 2012-04-27_10-11-58_957.jpg 2012-04-27_10-13-50_903.jpg 2012-04-27_10-14-38_311.jpg 2012-04-27_10-14-51_493.jpg 2012-04-27_10-14-57_103.jpg 2012-04-27_10-15-02_616.jpg 2012-04-27_10-15-15_671.jpg 2012-04-27_10-20-59_116.jpg 2012-04-27_10-21-07_680.jpg 2012-04-27_10-27-16_993.jpg 2012-04-27_10-27-23_71.jpg 2012-04-27_10-27-28_182.jpg 2012-04-27_10-27-33_497.jpg 2012-04-27_10-50-14_430.jpg 2012-04-27_10-50-21_143.jpg 2012-04-27_10-50-30_851.jpg 2012-04-27_11-29-09_462.jpg 2012-04-27_11-29-12_289.jpg 2012-04-27_12-41-12_195.jpg 2012-04-27_12-41-16_894.jpg 2012-04-27_13-07-19_500.jpg 2012-04-27_13-21-57_562.jpg 2012-04-27_13-22-11_30.jpg 2012-04-27_13-22-18_471.jpg 2012-04-27_13-22-23_937.jpg 2012-04-27_13-22-36_554.jpg 2012-04-27_13-22-41_935.jpg 2012-04-27_13-24-13_925.jpg 2012-04-27_13-24-18_43.jpg Adobe Career Day Pic.jpg

AYV Project Pitches

IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0021.JPG IMG_0023.JPG IMG_0024.JPG

Contact Info. for DMD Academy:

Jorge Goncalves (DMD Lead Teacher)


Christopher Vetrone


Do you love using computers?  Do you want to learn about using different software programs, making digital videos, making animations, and much more related to technology?  If so, then join DMD !!  If you are going to be a sophomore or a junior next school year and want to join this academy, please speak to Mr. Goncalves in Room 239 or email him at  as soon as possible because spaces fill fast.

Yearbook Interview with Mr. Goncalves, DMD Lead Teacher:


1. Do you enjoy teaching DMD? And explain why.


Yes I do!  Students who elect to join the DMD Program are excited about using computers to create digital artwork and designs and are excited about learning more advanced techniques to create and manipulate images, videos, animations, and sound to convey their unique messages to the world, so they really want to be in DMD to learn and create original digital art.


2. What is DMD all about? And why is it important for students learn more about it.


DMD is about learning to use digital art software (the latest version of Adobe software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, & Premiere Pro) to the intermediate professional level, in conjunction with knowledge of design principles and elements of art so students can understand what it would be like to work in the creative arts career fields. It's important because design and multi-media are all around us and it is important for students to know early on if it is for them or not as a possible career field. But its also for them to have the digital art skills and knowledge to create content for their own personal websites and social media accounts. There are millions of great jobs in the advertising, video production, and animation fields, and it is a benefit to students to see if they enjoy doing this type of work and therefore would enjoy doing it as a well-paid career in their future.


3. What is something you tell your students to do on a daily?


First off, at the end of each class period, I say to "Save your work!", so that they don't lose all that they've created all class period! I also tell them regularly that what the DMD Program is about is exploring whether the digital creative field is for them or not, and that they won't know that unless they try their best to learn the software and the design skills and to practice them effectively.


4. What are other interesting facts about your class would you like to tell the readers of the Yearbook?


Most people don't know that the DMD Program also helps students sign up for free CCSF classes with free textbooks and support, has presentations about applying for colleges and scholarships, helps students get paid internships for the summer and school year, and makes available other after school programs related to digital media, which makes DMD students stand out on their college applications and their job resumes, if they are looking for jobs in the world right after high school. So, the DMD Program is not just about taking a sequence of three engaging courses at ALHS, but it's also about going beyond the Lincoln campus to expand your learning, skill set, and knowledge base, and also to begin to build your professional network, which will aid you in getting a great creative job in the future.