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Missing Lincs 1981 to 1985

The names listed below are the people we've lost contact with! If you are someone who is "missing" or know the whereabouts of someone below please fill out this form to update us on your status.

Class of 1981

Jacob E. Arce
Kathy O. Baldree
Emerito J. Barrantes
Anabella Ivet Berbey
Donald H. Bradshaw
Brenda Brandon
Joseph J. Breining
Evelyn Breitman
Gannett Brewster
Christopher S. Brown
Karen Carlson
Chek Ng Chan
John A. Chapman
Mark J. Chapman
Kien Ba David Dang
Earl R. Davis
Lisa R. Garrett
Mee Kuyun Kim-Feening
David B. Knight
Kelley R. Lewis
Anita F. Pintily
Brian A. Salinas
Aaron G. Thompson
Warren L. Villanueva

Class of 1982

Sidney Byrd
Veronica F. Casanova
Naomi Davis
Charles Dill
Steve D. Haynes
Elsa Li
Christina A. Ramos
Kenyatta White

Class of 1983

Michael L. Adams
Qais M. Ajalat
Norma A. Albanez
Gerad A. Alejandro
Alexander Aquino
David R. Banks
Nigel O. Barboza
Vachel R. Briggs
Stacey Brownell
Timothy D. Butler
Tyrone E. Bynum
Jacqueline Campbell
Kevin C. Keung Chan
Nick Cn Chan
Cynthia S. Chan
Hui Wen Chang
Ann Xiao Ying Chen
Cheryl Chen
En Cho
Terry Chon
Romona Coats
Kimberley Crenshaw
Grace H.F. Cruz
Wendy Dea
Kambiz Dehzad
Constantin Dignadice III
Annie Duann
Stacey Evans
Maria Ezequiel
Keith M. Foge
Jenny Gee
Eric Gill
Maryann Halasz Halasz
Athena Haralambidis
Evelyn Ho
Ghada K.A. Ibrahim
Arthur Jackson
Adrian Jarquin
Susan Jee
Elease Jones
Jamie Kim
Aimee Klingman
LaHue LaHue
Patrick Landon
Wayman Lee
May Lee
Shyue Lin
Jenny Ly
Lisa Ma
Mehdi Maghsodnia
George Henry (Bubba) Malone
John P. Marten
Anthony S. Mason
Ronald McConico
Narissa Mendoza
Richard H. Middleton
Rocky Mina
Angela Minor
Robert E. Mullins
Gary Ng
Michael Ng
Huong Nguyen
Theresa Obenchain
Craig Oborn
Nancy J.M. Ott
Harry S. Paik
Melvin Pitts
Lorinda Quan
Raymond Reyes
Sarah L. Roth
Maria A. Serra
Angelo Severino
Stefanie Shackelford
Stacey Shorts
Lisa Shum
Angelina Sun
Kim Truong
Gloria Tseng
Laurie A. Ward
Estacia Wells
George Wong
Sherrie Wu
Daisy Wu

Class of 1984

Juanita Adams/Davis
Alandria D. Applon
Sana K. Arbio
Elizabeth Armendariz
Hala M. Aualat
Shelly L. Baker
Sherry Barberena
Anna Baylon
Melvin V. Brown
Renee Carpenter
Laquinta D. Carter
Rachael Cobb
Rosella Conanan
Hugh Fontaine
Adina Gutierrez
David Han
David Jefferson
Jasmine Khichatrian
Kristine W. Lee
Pauline Lee
Denise Lewis
Ai Iu Li
Luisa Lopez
Chona J. Luna
Daren Malone
Tina Marie
Tracey Matheney
Kevin J. McGinnis
Troy Morrell
William E. Morris
Dominic Mullins
Phong Nho Nguyen
Richard Owens
Jay Hon Park
Peter Petrucci
Yen Thi Pham
Diana M. Pierson
Helena Pohl
Alex Polski
Rhonda M. Shaw
Michael L. Shearer
Lorena Thomas
Huong Kim Truong
Man Sau Wan
Penelope Waterman
Mary C. Whitney
Dean Wills

Class of 1985

Hasyim S. Afiff
Charlotte J. Allen
Ronald Alston
Anna M. Amoroso
David Anderson
Judith Asuncion
Joyce F. Badgett
Erle Benisano
Martha Bunge
Albon Bynum
Lynegen Camba
Curtis Campbell
Jessie Campbell
Christopher Carrillo
Helen Chan
Peter Chan
Chui Oi Polly Chan
Hui-Chiung Chang
Barbara Damiani
Jeanette Dorr
Cicero A. Estrella
Ernest Ford
Eun Kyung Kim
Michael N. Kirk
Chun Lin
Orlando E. Maxwell
Amy McGee
Brett C. Moran
Huy The Nguyen
Nachelle Pitcher
Titus E. Quinn
Annette Reed
Michael C. Smith
Jamie Min Hsia Tan
Phonexay Thepkaisone
Calvin A. Wiley
Chu Yi
Khawla Zawaydeh