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Missing Lincs 1941 to 1945

The names listed below are the people we've lost contact with! If you are someone who is "missing" or know the whereabouts of someone below please fill out this form to update us on your status.

Class of 1941

Stephanie Telsee
Blossom D. Berg
Jean Clark
Ruth Frankel
Betty J. Freed
Marion A. Hendler
John R. McGlade
Clara E. Principiano
Irene R. Silver
Joyce M. White

Eva Wolfes



Class of Spring 1942

Evelyn M. Aggeler
Virginia C. Ahern
John K. Anderson
Esther T. Avrin
Margaret Black
Virginia E. Brown
Margaret B. Deboi
Marianne Downs
Florence E. Fowler
Geraldine N. Hammell
M. Edward Harris
Jacqueline F. Jones
Margie A. Lane
Frances McCulloch
Joan M. Miller
Warren J. Miller
James Mitchel
Margaret E. Pauly
Marjorie Prellwitz
Carolyn M. Ross
Nancy C. Ruck
W. Franklin Scott
Roy H. Stewart
Virginia E. Sullivan
Bette E. Vella
Lorraine M. Wenzke
Julie E. Winterbottom
Jeanne L. Woodmansee
Gloria M. Yerby



Class of  Fall 1942

Minia Aronson
Bernice A. Blank
LaVerne E. Bothe
Shirley W. Burnett
Jacquelyn M. Folsom
Charles R. Harris
Marilyn Hurd
Jean M. Kessler
Elizabeth Mallery
Mary L. Marsh
Patricia M. O'Connell
Harold Racukusin
Robert A. Reinhardt
Patricia A. Smith
Barbara J. Thompson



Class of Spring 1943

Shirley M. Agee
Muriel R. Anderson
Betty E. Andrews
Dorothy Barley
Rebecca H. Boball
Eleanor M. Bohlman
Mary C. Bolds
Blanche J. Bostrup
Pauline B. Brown
George N. Browning
Maurice D. Carnon
Robert Charters
Robert Crawford
Anne M. Crowley
Leland A. (Lee) Dodge
Mildred C. Foote
Edna R. Fracchia
Natalie F. Fracchia
Ellen A. Frei
Ray E. Groves
Eugenia A. Hall
Wanda Y. Hammarsberg
Frank E. Hendricks
Thomas L. Jayne
Anne J. Kachur
Bettie J. Klein
Robert R. Kline
Aileen P. Mahoney
Mary L. McIntyre
Margaret L. McKay
Laura Constance Miller
Theo P. Mitchel
Marion C. Morrow
Barbara Peters
Dennie D. Petty
Loraine F. Reeder
Hilda C. Reiser
Lois Magda Rissman
June Venita Robb
James Bushnell Runner
Barbara Schrepel
Jeanette A. Scott
La Verne Spring
Anne Stroebel
John E. Taylor
Helen M. Wagner
Dorothy Louise Welch
Olive Martha White
Irene Carlyle Wilson
Bertha C. Wolff



Class of Fall 1943

Betty M. Bauman
Bettymae L. Bertelsen
John H. Brevit
Helen E. Brown
Helen M. Croudace
Donald J. Dreesen
Barbara J. Fillmore
Richard A. Gelatte
Lorna Gibbons
Albert Gustafson
Irene M. Johnston
George S. Koster
Donald P. Malloch
Gertrude H. Mason
Barbara J. Newhall
Betty Pace
Dolores Lucille San Filippo


Class of Spring 1944


Gloria L. Andreini
Marie O. Balanesi
Norman Bates
Frederick E. Bayer
Wallace A. Bell
Reginia R. Berney
Barbara J. Bernhard
Mary A. Brandow
Ida M. Bredeson
Helen M. Christensen
Geraldine H. Cobb
June Courting
Nancy C. Cronburg
Dolores F. Cullenward
James D. Currie
Clare E. Daley
Byrne E. Davis
Katherine C. Ferguson
Walter H. Fisher
Jean A. Fisk
Mary J. Foster
John H. Gardner
Vivian R. Gibbons
Mary V. Gill
Marjorie J. Groves
Lorraine M. Haley
James G. Hancock
Alice C. Hansen
Elizabeth A. Healy
Helen Hilliard
Helene Hoffer
Marilyn R. Hynes
Nelda D. Jones
Dorothy J. Leslie
Jean Lindemer
Ida B. Maxwell
Frederick E. Mayer
Rita M. Mibach
Jean C. Mitchell
Larue Moore
Beverly J.M. Muzio
Donald J. Nevraumont
Louis Olivier
Lillian M. Parente
Jacqueline I. Pearl
Carolyn A. Peterson
Lillian Prather
Patricia A. Rafferty
Barbara A. Reardon
Helen E. Reid
Mary L. Riley
S. Robert Rosenberg
Annette R. Rudine
Jeanne M. Rushton
Pauline K. San Fillippo
Gladys J. Selhorn
Lois L. Sharp
Gladys J. Solhorn
Beverly S. Thompson
Everlyn J. Tittsworth
Richard A. Urbais
Jeanne E. Vervais
Marjorie Wachter
Yvonne White
Mona M. Worsley



Class of Fall 1944

Arthur L. Anderson
Beverly Barham
Barbara M. Biffin
Barbara L. (Bobbie) Brown
John Burns
Harold V. Cheney
Betty L. Dauphin
Robert T. Desmond
Gloria B. Dukelow
Betty A. Graywood
Roy H. Green
Peter A. Haines
Elinor J. Hayden
Frances Howell
Ruth M. Jacks
Louise A. Krudopp
Winifred R. Lowy
Dorothy E. Martin
Lorraine McBride
Audrey C. Morrice
Frances C. Petan
Helen E. Pinquie
Martha S. Plant
Shirley M. Purvis
Sally M.F. Ragan
Frederick R. Schroeder
Robert B. Taylor
Gordon C. Thomas
Florence M. Vogel
Virginia J. Walkinshaw


Class of Spring 1945


June R. Alberigi
Beverly R. Arnold
Estela D. Aza
Shirley L. Bogner
Coleen M. Calvert
Philip H. Crimmins
Barbara M. Croney
Frank R. Davis
Shirley N. De Curtoni
Roger Debbaudt
Bernard S. (Bernie) Feldman
James H. Gray
George Grayeb
Phyllis D. Hansen
Alberta V. Henoner
Barbara V. Hochede
Georgia A. Hoppe
Doris E. Hopper
Horatiuo B. Hudgins
Patricia J. Huey
James R. Johnstone
Barbara I. Kinread
Shirley A. Latie
David Leary
Elizabeth M. Marcallino
Claire G. Martin
Irene E. Martin
Patricia M. McGinley
Alexander S. Mesen
Glendora A. Miller
Renee M. Nevraumont
Paul B. Olivier
Valerie G. Pedersen
Gail R. Pithey
Thomas R. Poston
Virginia Price
Charles E. Sanders
Aresta M. Shumate
Merlyn F. Simmons
Helen L. Spencer
Eugene L. Watson
Billie F. Webb
Yvonne D. West
James I. White
Ruth L. Willis

Class of Fall 1945

Elva Andersen
Shirlee M. Anderson
Alexander G. Bartlett
Verne A. Bergfeld
Carol L. Blackburn
Claire M. Bonner
Bettilou Cosgrove
Marian J. Cuneo
Robert R. Dowdell
Georgette L. Edmondson
Patricia M. Gamble
Ralph Green
Lorraine Hinton
Audrey J. Kekme
Jean Leo
Patricia E. Linehan
Margaret M. MacDonald
Kenneth M. McNeill
Elsa D. Mitoff
John A. Newton
Rose A. Nicoll
Irene Pauzner
Jesse J. Philow
Gloria D. Ponath
Patricia J. Samuel
Susanne K. Sommer
Paul R. Stang
Rae Yalovoy