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Lincoln Loggers 2012-2013

An optimistic student balances choir and school

by Penny Cosey

“Enjoy what your happy doing”. Hans Oberschelp is a junior at Abraham Lincoln High school in San Francisco, California. Oberschelp is an optimistic person who tends to stay committed ...more

Passionate San Franciscan plans to become urban planner

by Sara Falls

San Francisco has long been a city praised and honored in song, art and popular culture. Abraham Lincoln High School senior Justin Fung understands this passion. Born and raised in San ...more

Local girl advances to achieve high goals

by Stephanie Chu

With her hand clenched tightly on the foil, Jaimie Liu waits for the referee to give the order to advance toward her opponent. The referee yells,” Bout!” and the match began. Liu and ...more

Wong’s passion of baseball

by Justin Fung

Baseball is our national pastime, but for some, it is a love affair. This is a passion that Douglas Wong, a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School has, the passion of playing ...more

Enthused teen finds her passion in Lion Dancing

by Bobo Giang

Walking down the streets of Chinatown, one might hear the sound of beating drums and metal cymbals banging

on each other, as these loud sounds can be heard from miles away; you can thank S ...more

Who walks the halls?

by Michael Nguyen

In the midst of the many different people you encounter while roaming the hallways of life, you will never meet anyone like Marie Vega.

Born on January 23rd in 1996, she is ...more

Big Things Come In Small Packages

by Liping Huang

In this big world, most people feel that they’re tiny. but for Jasper Lu, it is the other way around. With the mind of greatness, he aspires to rule the world! When you first look at ...more

Serious senior Stephanie Chu elaborates on her all-time dream.

by Jaimie Liu

Since her adolescent days, Stephanie Chu has wanted nothing more than to achieve the title of a prominent architect. This was drawn from the strong impact her contractor Aunt gave her in ...more

Journalism student aspires to be police officer

by Jacob Ortega

Being an officer of the law is a daunting task. One must be physically stout, mentally sound and hard working to succeed in the world of law enforcement. These traits can also be ...more

Are you there God? It’s me Andrew.

by Marie Vegaa

To most of us religion can mean one of two things a way of new life and hope or something/someone to blame our problems on other than ourselves. To Andrew Tang, it means the ...more

Lincoln student speaks with an intelligent tongue

by Gloria Jeung

Sitting across the room from Michael Nguyen, one will either see him laughing with friends, thinking, or sharing thoughts with others.

Nguyen stands for individuality and his beliefs. ...more

Highly motivated and focused teen aims to become a fitness guru

by William Tien

Being in her top shape and with the goal to be at the peak of her physique, Bao Gia Giang is on track for her goal to become a fitness expert. Giang, a Chinese born Vietnamese came to ...more

Thinking like a writer and a journalist

by Andrew Tang

The average child spends his or her days wondering what they would want to become in the future. Charlotte Woo on the other hand has an interest and wants to put it to use with strong ...more

Cheerleading becomes Lincoln student’s passion

by Christine Ong

Cheerleading may sound like a surprising activity for a normally calm girl, but Albina Protich, a junior at Lincoln, is doing exactly that. It has become her new passion and has ...more

The unexpected side of Serina Fang

by Charlotte Woo

For junior Serina Fang, creative writing isn’t just another hobby. Fang takes her passion for writing seriously and concentrates her energy into her co-editor in chief position of the ...more

The future of our apps in the iPhone.

by Charles Wat

Sitting on a chair in school with her face on the desk, Gloria Jeung may seem like a boring person, but completely changes her personality when she gets home. Staring at her computer, ...more

Family and responsibilities at its best

by Albina Protich

Most people get sick and tired of their family after a certain time. The same people get boring, irritating, and annoying. However, that does not apply to Liping Hung. Hung loves his ...more

Lincoln Student Dreams of Bioengineering.

by Hans Oberschelp

For most, the field of biotechnology is too complex to understand, but junior, Charles Wat wants to make it his life. The graduation requirement is two science classes, but by the ...more

Passionate editor-in-chief starts his fourth year in journalism

by Randy Ng

As William Tien walks into class , a cheerful smile unfolds. It’s his favorite class, journalism the teacher of the class is Sara Falls who has been teaching journalism for the last two ...more

To Jacob Ortega, its just a hobby

by Douglas Wong

Explosions! Heavy smog shot into the air, beams of light going everywhere. These are just simple terms to describe Jacob Ortega’s current work of fiction.

Keep calm and Christine Ong

by Rachel Yee

If you’re ever in the mall and you find yourself being pushed to the side to watch a group of girls linking arms and skipping, you might have just encountered Christine Ong. Hailing from ...more

Pastel princess pursues new projects

by Serina Fang

Ever effervescent with floral Doc Martens and a talent for creative crafts and cuisine, Rachel Yee is a junior at Abraham Lincoln High School with many talents and a will to bring ...more

Lincoln Loggers

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